Baby Stuff


So I went and had a baby. Her name is Margot.

It’s not really my style to share birth stories on this blog, but I will say that pushing a human out of my body was transformative and humbling in every possible way. And that I’m obsessed with the little nugget, partly because she’s adorable and partly because her feeding/burping/changing/sleeping (lol, not sleeping) schedule necessitates constant attention.

I deserve a cookie because I was disciplined enough to bank some blog posts for a few months worth of content while I’m figuring out how to do life with an infant. Some of it is actually pretty good so I’m excited to share. And I’ll try to Instagram from time to time while I’m in these hazy, gurgling, poopy trenches, but I promise nothing.

Next week: one pot mac and cheese. Hope you like it!

  1. You DO deserve a cookie!

    Amy — June 5, 2016
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  2. i love me a good birth story—yay for babies!!

    hannah — June 6, 2016
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