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Boots, Made for Walking
all the shoes above are from nine west. i am in love with the boots. look at the gold!

True to form, I’ve over-thought my shoe collection to the point of paralysis.

Lemme ‘splain.

I’m tall – 5’8 ¾” to be exact. For most of my life I tried to downplay my height for the benefit of potential suitors by wearing flats and slouching (pathetic, I know). Shoes became a sad afterthought – a foot covering to facilitate travel.

Then I married Cody. He’s 6’3”. A whole fabulous world of sky-high, sexy shoes has been opened up to me and I’m intoxicated by the possibilities, but I’m also way behind the curve. My shoe collection is pathetic (less than 20 pairs including athletic shoes…what kind of girl am I?) and my stiletto skills (i.e. pain tolerance) are underdeveloped to say the least.

What I need are heels that will be easy for me to walk in while I learn the ropes, but that don’t sacrifice ferocity. What should I go for? Stacked heels? Kitten heels? Boots? What shoes can I wear that will inject my state of mind with a little “rawr” without looking like I’m trying really hard? Ladies of the world: what is your most comfortable pair of heels?

I get into browsing Piperlime and start wondering, “is it goofy for me to even care?” I work at a community college and I live in the suburbs, so its not like I have anywhere chic to be. Glamour, however, seems like the kind of thing a woman ought to have a right to.

Do you wear heels in the suburbs? To Target? Or Starbucks??

Sometimes I feel like I need to live somewhere chic before I can truly feel chic, but glamour is a state of mind, isn’t it?

Or, is it legitimately ridiculous to wear Louboutins to the grocery store?

  1. YES heels. I love love love the pair of heeled loafers. YOU be the trend setter! I'm a fan of the stacked heel, they seem to be a little easier to walk in. Look at these Sam Edelman's!

    Caroline — October 9, 2011
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  2. I love those shoes! I'm glad I have a sister to share my styling problems with. A sister with impeccable taste, at that. You are my fave.

    courtney — October 10, 2011
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