europe 1

I am, right this minute, on the trip I’ve been waiting for my whole entire life. I’m in Europe! Finally! And while I would have been happy to go absolutely anywhere in Europe, I feel most especially privileged to visit the one place whose food I’ve fantasized about for (probably) decades: France. We’ll be starting in Geneva, actually, for some alps-y views and nerdy tours, not to mention a small pilgrimage to the town of Gruyere (for cheeeeeeese). And then, we will go to Paris, where we will do all of the obvious touristy things, wander aimlessly, and eat all the baguettes with all the butter.

europe 2

And now that I can say I’ve been to the one place I’ve always wanted to go, I’m sure I’m moments away from an existential crisis – which I will drown in the best cheese and chocolate I can get my hands on. In the meantime I have a few recipe posts scheduled, and as soon as I get back home I’ll flood this blog with gratuitous food and architecture and cobblestone silliness. If you want to follow along in real time, check me on instagram.

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