Roasted Radishes with Miso Butter and a Giveaway

Roasted Radishes with Miso Butter

This is a little mini recipe and a weekend update to let you know what’s happening over on this here blog. Firstly, radishes.

Radishes are springy and pretty, but on their own they are maybe not so fun to eat (bitter? watery? yum?). While I was in Japan, however, I ingested a large amount of daikon, which is kind of a radish. Then I was thinking about other Japan flavors, so miso came to mind, and then the Frenchy combo of radishes with butter. Radishes with miso butter? Turns out, yeah. Frankly, it’s not even worthy of full-on recipe formatting because it’s too stupid easy. Just do this:

1. Get some radishes

2. Also get some butter and white miso paste

3. Mix two parts of butter to one part of miso (I went with Tablespoons)

4. Cut the tops off your radishes, slice them in halves or quarters, spread them on a baking sheet and throw on some blobs of miso butter. Roast at 400 until the radishes are browned and soft. Add pepper and taste, then add salt if it’s needed.

Now, about that giveaway…

My Salted Brown Butter Vanilla Bean Crispy Treats were featured on Buzzfeed (eee!!) which is a big deal for a little old blog like mine, so I’m being devious and trying to hook a few new readers with a Le Creuset cast iron skillet giveaway over on that post. Because I love my regular readers more than anything, I’d especially enjoy giving the fancy pan to one of you, so go and enter! All you have to do is leave a comment (over on my original post) and follow me on instagram (which many of you already do, so you’re half-way done). I post to instagram maybe weekly¬†and mostly photos of food, so it should be pretty enjoyable for all involved.

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