A Close Encounter


Yakushima, aka Monkey Island, is gorgeous, even in the rain. So when hiking seemed like a bad idea, we went for a drive.

driving on yakushima

Up in the mountains we saw something.

monkeys by the road

Are those…?

more monkeys by the road

This is where I begin hyperventilating. Stop. The. Car.

yakushima monkey

Casual regard from an actual wild monkey. Get ready for a monkey photo overload.

yakushima monkey

And while I was distracted taking pictures of this guy, adorably contemplating his fingernails, something happened.

monkey on the car


taking photos of a monkey

Documentation of once-in-lifetime event.

monkey at the window

Just a wild monkey on our side view mirror.

monkey at the window

Grooming, or showing off?

disinterested monkey

Meanwhile, this guy is about to fall asleep on top of his post.

monkey feet

Are they toes? Or fingers?

big monkey little monkey

Big M, little m, what begins with M?

hello monkey

Monkeys. The answer is monkeys.

monkeys in the road

Monkeys everywhere. And I’m rendered incoherent by the photos almost as much as the real thing. Hence the babbling. But MONKEYS.

  1. i love that they are always inspecting their nails. haha that's so awesome you got to see them all in the wild.

    miranda — January 3, 2014
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  2. That one is obviously a boy, because a girl monkey would examine her nails by extending her fingers for sure.

    Amy — January 4, 2014
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  3. They're so human in their gestures, it's hilarious.

    courtney — January 5, 2014
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