Hampster Cheeks and Recommendations

I had my wisdom teeth taken out on Wednesday and it was my first actual surgical procedure ever. I had been freaking out about it for weeks, not because I was afraid of the pain or anesthesia so much, but because I was afraid of not being able to eat solid food for a significant span of time without risking the mythically dreaded dry socket. It’s hard to stay full when all your foods are slurp-able. My family has been going above and beyond to accommodate my new restrictions, which I love because they are the sweetest but also hate because I dislike being the subject of doting. But Cody has been keeping me in fresh ice packs and my fancy grandma made me fancy beef and tomato aspic (like meaty jello, but actually delicious) and vichyssoise (cold potato leek soup, also much better than it sounds). I have to be losing weight with all this liquid nonsense, but my cheeks won’t allow me to believe that. I look like a hamster with too many seeds in her pouches.

Anyway I wanted to let you know that in the last 36 hours I’ve seen a lot of TV and browsed a lot of interweb and I have some recommendations for those of you with down time on your hands.

On Netflix you should definitely watch “Animal Odd Couples“. It’s the cutest documentary about abandoned animals who adopt each other as companions. My favorite is the Jack the goat with his blind horse friend Charlie.

For those of you who are into food, “The Mind of a Chef” with David Chang (of Momofuku fame) is a great find, with 16 episodes for your extended viewing pleasure – also available on Netflix.

And lastly, for some online entertainment, I give you 40 Days of Dating. It’s basically a real-life romantic comedy where two friends who found themselves single at the same time decide to try dating for 40 days as an experiment, and document the whole thing. It’s prettily-packaged and the couple is super cute and hip. Start reading day one, no skipping ahead!

More posts about food are coming soon. I just wanted to let everyone know I’m not dead, just hungry.

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