A Jaunt Gone Awry

In which Courtney discovers that she is, in fact, getting “too old for this $***”

Some of it anyway.

Last weekend Cody and I went with my parents and sisters to Maryland’s legendary Renaissance Festival. It was the first sunny weekend in what felt like months and the weather was perfect early-fall bliss. It was also the weekend of the Annapolis boat show. Long story short, literally every other person in Maryland got the same idea at the same time: LETS TAKE A DAY TRIP!  TO ANNAPOLIS!

After four hours of driving, and a reminder of what happens when massive crowds and portable toilets mix, none of us were in the mood for much merriment.

Courtney at the Renaissance Festival

This isn’t a critique of the Renaissance Festival, which delivered all it promised. We saw a sword swallowing performance and  a joust, ate fried foods, and discovered that LARPers make for excellent people-watching. I even got to eat chocolate-covered cheesecake on a stick.

It should have been a perfectly nice day. There were just too many people. I’m only 25, but this admission makes me feel 65. Am I just out of practice? Or are my fellow 25 year olds turning into home-bodys too?

  1. The Maryland Renaissance Festival is officially crossed off of the bucket list. I am permanently scarred by the porta-potties.

    Carrie Lunt — October 17, 2011
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  2. I become more and more of a shut-in every day. I don't even want to drive to WalMart let alone a public festival that is 4 hours away. Make some bacon-wrapped turkey legs at home next time. Also, I can't do roller coasters. Or pirate ships. Or anything really. My future kids are doomed.

    Caroline — October 18, 2011
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  3. hmm... guess i'll be skipping out on that next year.

    hannah — October 19, 2011
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  4. I regularly think I am getting too old for shiz. My last attempt to go to Renn Fest resulted in us being too cheap to shell out the price of admission. $20 for magical atmosphere? ehhhhhh not so much.

    Caitlin — October 21, 2011
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