Richardson Farms

Richardson Farms

A few months ago my dad and I went to Richardson Farms Market in White Marsh for some lunch. Richardson Farms is a family operated farm that is reportedly famous for growing kale, collard greens, and sweet corn. They have branched out and done some networking to fill the shelves at the market, but most everything they sell is locally made. Before we placed our orders at the deli, we poked around the market and found some massive rolls of fresh butter, quarts of local ice cream, homemade chicken stock, Richardson Farms’ own honey, and bags of fresh green beans. I bought a quart of Kilby ice cream and ate most of it myself. One of my proud moments.

Richardson Farms Cheese and Produce

Looking around at all the farm-fresh produce reminded us why we really came to the market – lunch, and Richardson Farms makes a mean one. Diners can choose from fresh roasted chicken quarters, massive sandwiches, homemade soups, salads, loaded potatoes, and a selection of delicious sides. The dish that inspired our trip was a horseradish macaroni and cheese that my dad had tried on a previous visit. We were a little disappointed that it wasn’t there when we came back, but I appreciate a rotating menu, so I forgave them and ordered a loaded potato with an Italian salad and fresh squeezed lemonade. The potato was delicious, but the salad was my favorite, made with fresh veggies, crunchy romaine, heaps of cheese and salami in a garlicky dressing. If I’d slapped it on some bread it could have been a sandwich.

Richardson Farms Dishes and Ice Cream

As much as I loved my lunch, my dad’s picks stole the show. He chose a turkey and avocado club sandwich with a side of chipotle cheddar grits. The sandwich was made with fresh, high quality ingredients, and the grits were positively decadent. I had lunch envy.

Richardson Farms Turkey and Avocado Club

The shelves and fridges at Richardson Farms Market offer customers a great selection of the best food our area has to offer, and the kitchen and deli cook up well-made, proper comfort food that is hard to beat. In the words of fellow food enthusiast, Liz Lemon, you “want to go to there”.

Richardson Farms Market

5900 Ebenezer Road

White Marsh, MD 21162

*Forgive the rather pathetic quality of these pictures. Cody, the talented one, was unable to accompany me on this little excursion and I was left to fend for myself with naught but an iphone to capture this lovely place.

  1. your posts make me wonder why i don't spend more weekends in maryland. gah.

    hannah — June 12, 2011
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  2. Who knew? I grew up in this area and this was just "the chicken farm" where you could get fresh eggs and poultry, maybe some local veggies in the summer. It's great when businesses re-invent themselves! Another place to add to my list of places I NEED to try. Thanks

    kim p — June 13, 2011
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