Let's Not

I like to try to read about current trends in the fashion world, whether I intend to apply those trends to my wardrobe or not. Who What Wear’s daily newsletter is one of the best resources I have for quick, up to date overviews of trends and styling tips. Because of them, I’ve had years to warm up to the high-waisted pant trend that’s finally surfacing in major clothing stores. I also know that kitten heels and bare midriffs (with high-waisted pants (…still, yikes)) are on the way in and that skinny jeans, despite their ubiquity, aren’t going anywhere for a while.

HOWEVER. Some of the trends I learn about through my darling newsletters are downright disturbing. The Who What Wear girls aren’t designers, and I don’t blame them for this particular monstrosity…but I really hope I don’t see this recently featured trend take hold.

Flatform Monstrosity

These “flatforms” have to be some of the ugliest shoes I’ve seen in a long time.

Then again, I said the same thing about high-waisted pants not too long ago…and I’m now on the verge of buying a pair.

Sometimes I shudder to think what my future fashion self will do.

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