Spinning Wheels


So I’ve slowed down a bit with my posting over here. Things are going on. Cody has a new job, I took on some new freelance work, my grandparents remodeled their kitchen, and we just wrote our first offer on a house last night. I’ve been preoccupied.

On top of that, travel has a way of making you question your entire life when you get home, so that’s happening too. It’s all excuses to explain that I haven’t been doing a lot of cooking lately.¬†I have a post about the logistics of visiting¬†Geneva in the works, along with a grilled pizza thing that I diligently shot before we left, but food-wise things might be slow for a bit, until I can re-establish myself and hopefully set up my very own kitchen again (eeeeep!).

Bare with me, I’ll be back in full gear soon.

  1. how about I give you some freelance work being my personal shopper? Or tell me how to make my same clothes look as cute on me as they do on you?

    Hannah — May 29, 2015
    1. Hannah, you are so annoyingly stylish. I've never seen you looking anything but adorable. I will hire YOU! Actually why did we never go shopping together when you lived closer? I feel like that would be extremely productive.

      courtney — May 29, 2015
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