California foothills

So the purpose of our leaving Japan was to take a little trip to California to visit Cody’s family. Cody’s sister just had a new baby and we got to meet him and hang out with our adorable niece Afton.


We basically had to trick Afton into putting on that kimono. She’s got spirit. But she eventually acquiesced and was epic cute.


Little Micah.

Afton in Amador

Afton posing for some family shots before our Sunday dinner. And I realized while making this awesome pork tenderloin recipe for the tenth time (which I got from Cody’s very sophisticated cousins) that I’ve been making this sauce, and it’s buerre blanc – which is kind of a tricky, old French master chef kind of sauce – and I had no idea. I may have to blog it.


Amador county has this great restaurant called Taste. We’ve been trying to go every time I’ve been in town but kept missing their lunch hours, which is the best time to go. This tortellini with butternut squash, goat cheese, crispy brussels sprouts and smoked eggplant kind of stole the show.


The burrito meter was on E. Not anymore.

Costco and tacos

They don’t really have Mexican food in Japan, or Costco. So we hit both.

In n Out

And of course, In n Out.

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  1. how did i miss this post? love it! so glad you filled your burrito meter, haha…i must've gotten the wrong thing when i went to that burrito truck. i got pork tacos…no bueno. just straight pork fat. sick. anyway, it was way fun having you guys here. we miss you guys!

    miranda — February 19, 2014
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