Transit-Induced Phone Photo Dump

So I’ve been in Japan for two months and I am getting a little melancholy over the fact that my time here is more than half way over. How can this be?? ┬áCody and I are in Narita overnight, with a flight to San Francisco tomorrow to see our new nephew. After our visit with family we are headed back to Tanegashima until the satellite launch. Because my brain functions are stunted during travel, I’m offering a smattering of random photos to hopefully hold you over until I can do words again.

spicy ramen

Spicy ramen at our favorite place near our hotel.

stepping lion

The mural at our favorite burger/jerk chicken restaurant: The Stepping Lion.

jerk chicken

Jerk chicken platter at the Stepping Lion.

large carrots

Japan is apparently the land of mammoth carrots. Potatoes on the left, onions on the right.

fried rice

Fried rice and katsukare (curry with fried pork) at my OTHER favorite lunch spot in Minamitane. Fourteen dollars for everything in the photo.

KFC chips

Remember how I said KFC is real popular here?

new years dance

New Year’s performance that is sort of a cross between Christmas caroling and trick-or-treating, but with drums and dancing and chanting and men dressed in kimonos. Very cute.

I really really like it here, you guys.

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