Knives, All Kinds of Knives

I think wedding registries are kind of hilarious, particularly for people who get married young, like I did, and have no idea what’s really necessary to keep a household running without contributions from five other roommates. When I got married I registered for a run of the mill, moderately priced knife block set at Target and I’ve been tolerating it humorlessly ever since.┬áSo, I’ve never had really “good” knives – knives that are worth having professionally sharpened or washing by hand. What’s worse is I’m an adult now, who has cooked professionally and who now frequently cooks at home. I know how important it is to have quality knives and how much safer you are when you cut with blades that are sharp and strong.

As luck would have it, knives are bit of a specialty here on Tanegashima. So these recent purchases will do double duty for me as a keepsake from our time here, and a solid knife set that will carry me through the next couple of decades at least.

tanegashima knife

Bonus: they’re affordable. These are the standard carbon steel home-cook grade knives, hand-made on this island, averaging about $35 each, (when you can buy them from the maker) and deliciously sharp. There’s a professional range of knives as well, that cost between $80 and $200 a piece.

tanegashima knives

The knife below is for hacking heads off fish, but I’m thinking it will perform similarly well on hard winter squashes or whole, large birds.

tanegashima knife

The knife makers here also make scissors that are supposed to be perfectly balanced and engineered in a way that causes them to become sharper with use. So, witchcraft?

tanegashima scissors

These are my new babies. Welcome to the knife drawer guys! Also, guess what my entire family is getting for Christmas?

  1. Um... I want some. They look so fun and cool! I am so jealous of your adventures. If I had the obey, I'd be on a plane right now for a visit. It looks like such a cute, fun place. I miss you!

    Tricia L — December 30, 2013
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  2. they look so rustic! love it. they will make for a good conversation piece when you have dinner guests. but yeah, cutting with a good knife can make all the difference. i definitely have my favorites around here. and i agree about the registries. for our baby registry with afton, i was just the heck am i supposed to do this? i have no idea what we need.

    miranda — December 31, 2013
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  3. Tricia! I wish you could come here! I want to feed you kampachi sashimi at my favorite sushi place, and freaking fried chicken allllll day. And to both Mir and Tricia, whenever I have a baby I'll be asking for lots of advice about the registry :)

    courtney — December 31, 2013
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