It's Time to Make a Tomato Sandwich

Tomatoes have always been my favorite vegetable, and I love vegetables more than the average human. Tomato season, for me, rivals holiday season. And I don’t even like summer.

Before I had my wisdom teeth ripped from my skull last week, I made a point of taking a trip to the farmer’s market to find the perfect tomatoes for my perfect tomato sandwich. These are they.


I also found this giant bunch of basil for $1.25 – which is amazing because those little boxes of sad basil at the supermarket are what, three bucks each?

tomatoes and basil

Tomatoes come in so many pretty colors and shapes! This one is called a pineapple tomato, and it’s a little citrusy.

pineapple tomato

Tomatoes should not be eaten without salt.

sliced tomatoes with sea salt

You know what I mean?

tomato slices

For my perfect tomato sandwich, I made basil aioli. It was delicious, but not mandatory. Here’s a good recipe if you want to try your hand.

blanched basil

When you make your tomato sandwich you can make it with basil aioli if you want, or you can make a BLT, or you can use Hellmans, or even cream cheese. Just promise me you’ll keep it simple. This is about tomatoes.

making aioli

This squirrel knew I was up to something delicious.


Toast your bread on a baking sheet under the broiler so it’s crispy on one side and soft on the other, and put your fillings on the toasted sides. This way you get the crisp texture of toasted bread without destroying the roof of your mouth.

aioli on toast

Salt and pepper.

tomato sandwich

Revel briefly.

tomato sandwich with basil aioli


tomato sandwich


taking a bite of a tomato sandwich

Save a bite for Murdock if he’s very very good.

murdock the dog

Happy tomato season. Savor it while it lasts!

  1. Looks delicious...I can almost taste it.

    Lisa — August 9, 2013
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  2. The photography in this post is magazine-worthy. And if Murdock looks at me like that he always gets a bite...even if he's been very naughty.

    Carrie — September 15, 2013
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